Messi , Kang-in Lee is my successor psg interview 07/06/23

Messi : “Kang-in Lee is my successor” psg interview


Kang-in Lee

Argentine soccer player Messi interviewed Lee Kang-in, pointing to him as his successor.
Let’s take a quick look at the content. 07/06/23

In an interview on radio FM Sports, soccer legend Lionel Messi shared his thoughts on young Korean star Lee Kang-in.

“He’s a very good player. I always admired Lee Kang-in’s passion and talent in soccer games. He has a unique place on the field for his aggressive play, quick judgment, and flexibility to represent him.”

Messi added that Lee Kang-in is showing potential as his successor. “He’s always full of potential with a passion to learn. Given his pace of growth and the ability he is showing, he is likely to be one of the most influential players in football. I think he can be my successor.”

He stressed that it is more important for Lee Kang-in to create his own path than to follow his footsteps. “He has his own style and ability, and he will find a way to make the best use of it. Of course, it would be a good honor to be compared to me. But he has to find the best way for his own growth and development.”


Messi’s praise seems to reflect high expectations for his potential and future, as Lee Kang-in has already made his name known in the international soccer community. Lee Kang-in will be an opportunity to show how accurate these compliments are throughout his career.

Messi then explained more deeply about Lee Kang-in’s potential. “He shows not only his offensive ability but also his defensive sense. His understanding and his body’s harmony can be seen through the way he moves his cheeks. Lee Kang-in’s excellent passing skills make it easy for him to connect with his teammates, bringing great benefits to the team.”

Messi expressed surprise that Lee Kang-in had such excellent skills despite his young age. “The maturity and professionalism that he shows, considering his age, is truly amazing. He seems to be a few steps ahead of other players of his age.”

He also added that Lee Kang-in will be able to shine more on the big stage. “It’s not surprising that he’s already shown his talent on the global stage. Considering his ability and potential, he will shine more on a bigger stage in the future.”

Finally, Messi gave advice to Lee Kang-in. “What he needs is to continue to refine his talents, and not lose his mind to learn all the time. He is already a very good player, but increasing his experience and knowledge is the way to improve him further.”

Messi’s interview confirms Lee Kang-in’s amazing potential and suggests that he can become one of the best players in football. For Lee Kang-in, such praise is expected to be a driving force to further develop his career.

Messi , Kang-in Lee is my successor psg interview

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