Kylian Mbappe transfer rumors.. French President “I will try to stay in PSG”.. Fans say, “Just do well in politics”

Kylian Mbappe transfer rumors.. French President “I will try to stay in PSG”.. Fans say, “Just do well in politics”


Amid steady rumors of the transfer of Kylian Mbappe, a superstar of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), France’s President Emmanuel Macron (45) has said he will try to stay in Mbappe, sparking controversy.

According to AFP and other foreign media on the 14th (local time), President Macron told a PSG fan who asked about Mbappe’s transfer at the “Viva Tech” exhibition in Paris, France, “I will try to stay.”

However, Mbappe showed discomfort at this. “What influence do you think the president has?” Mbappe, who is currently on the French national team to play in the A-match, said at a press conference. “I can’t have any influence on my career.” “The president wants me to stay in Paris, and I want to stay in Paris, too,” Mbappe said. “The president and I feel the same way.” I’ve already answered that I’m not leaving PSG. This is my only option at the moment. “I’ll go back to PSG when the pre-season starts,” he said.

Meanwhile, when President Macron made a statement that he would intervene in Mbappe’s stay in France, local media commented that it was not appropriate. Local soccer fans also voiced criticism, saying, “Macron, do politics” and “I’m embarrassed.”

This is not the first time that President Macron has stepped up himself to remain in Mbappe. President Macron reportedly called Mbappe directly to persuade him to stay in PSG when Real Madrid, a prestigious Spanish soccer team, searched for the possibility of recruiting Mbappe last year.

“I’m grateful,” Mbappe said at the time. “It’s amazing that the president called and asked me to stay.”

Currently, Mbappe and PSG have only one year left until June next year, but he sparked rumors of a transfer in a recent interview with AFP, saying he had never discussed extending his contract with PSG.

Meanwhile, PSG is said to have a different idea from Mbappe. If Mbappe leaves PSG at the end of his contract, the club cannot secure funds to secure other players, so PSG is reportedly preparing to sell him to other clubs to collect the transfer fee. Local media again picked Real Madrid as their new destination.

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